My vision of the enslavery of humanity

It is the morning of the 6th of November 2017. I just moved to Glastonbury from Germany a month ago and just moved into the second room on my journey in Avalon. In my dream of the last night I had a feeling of watching a movie. Not just a movie, it was more like a triology. It was so intense and in an order that made sense even after I woke up being back in this reality again. The current situation of the world made me think of it again and again and I feel now guided to share it with you:


Im in the garden of the old farm I grew up on. A zepplin is circeling around and it seems to crash down. I am close to the wall of the house while indeed the zepplin is crashing directly into our garden. There is a human, but larger than a “normal” human. He is quiet big, oldish, I remember him with white hair and a longer beard. A little bit like those greek statues. He is not very friendly in fact he is one of the bad guys. He wants to have power and control over us and in fact he is doing this with a cap. Now, the german word for cap is “Mütze” which is kind of similar to “Maske” which is of course the word for mask. I remember finding this detail pretty silly, but hey ho.

Basically, everybody who wears a cap is under the control of this large being and has to do as they are being told. This really is just part 1, its getting more interesting in part 2. One proof for the mask to work was, and don’t ask me where this is coming from as I absolutley dont care who loves who, but there were two man, all of course still in my parents garden, who were wearing the hats, or caps and this large human being showed very impressivley that it could make those men kiss each other against their will.

Suddenly I had a sword in my hand and I am fighting this large being. He is hiding behind a tree, I must have been pretty scary for him too, but I actually could kill him. You would think thats the end, but in this moment and group of large people arrive and I realise I wont be strong enough on my own to fight them all. Cut. End of part 1.


I am in a city. Almost everyone is wearing these caps. Now the caps have developed and they are now mostly for monitoring people which is being shown in the dream in a way that everybody who wears a cap also has a camera floating around him or her. On TV you can now watch whoever you want to watch from different camera angles and perspectives and it seems like the most crazy reality TV show ever. I am not wearing a cap. But it also seems like you can buy out someone with a cap if you exchange yourself for them and start to wear one yourself, if you do not already wear one yourself that is. I saw this happening in the dream. Society is basically split into the cap wearers, the upper people who control the rest and in fact there are the outsiders, hippies and a person from the upper society has been caught by the outsiders (non cap wearers… almost wrote here non mask wearers but you see how it relates). Oh by the way, guess what, the higher upper people are not wearing caps. Suprise, suprise.

I am going to the group of outsiders and one is wearing the cap. In the monitor in front of us I do see myself too now, as I am close to someone with a cap and I try to get away and out of the picture.

Now it gets really creepy but thinking about what is being brought into the light these days, its not a suprise. I see some sort of ritual. If you want to be part of the society you need to sacrifice your blood to the upper people or the system on a consistent base. I see a woman standing in front of a waterfall made of blood. She has a cut in her right hand and lets her blood flow and mix into the stream of blood. I am thinking to myself (I wrote this all down on the next morning) “wow, thats a lot of blood for such a small cut.”. Then she steps back into the waterfall and the blood is flowing all over her body and the blood turns to tar. Make of this what you want, Im just delivering the message that came to me almost three years ago and even back then I was convinced this is not a normal dream where my subconcious is trying to process something.


I find out that my mom is in danger and I feel like I need to come to her rescue and maybe even exchange myself. I see a map of the city I was in and this map is zooming out and I realise Im in the United States and there are many people under the control of those elite cap people. I think I am traveling to germany by ship and I see that there is some controlling going on in europe too, but its not as much as in the U.S. which is basically completly monitored. So in episode 3 I basically get back to where my dream / vision began and for some reason I cant find the last paper I wrote the rest of the dream on to. But I do remember being back in my old room and my mom tried to make it nice and cosy for me saying we could change the wallpaper etc. and I had a weird vibe. She acted as everything is normal and the end of the dream turned out that my mom wasnt really my mom and this was some kind of trap.

Just a month later I was told about the Annunaki, which resonated with me as I figured this out myself a while before that, that there were humans, large ones before and I thought well, maybe that was a remembering. But this year this dream just comes to my mind again and again and I felt its time to share this. The moral of the story? Well, you need to figure this out for yourself…

Feel free to share this post if you feel guided to do so.

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