My first journey to Avalon & Stonehenge / 2014

This journey has started an even bigger one of a huge inner transformation. In this blog entry I want to share with you my first days in Glastonbury and my first journey to Stonehenge. There will be a second and third part as I also went to Tintagel in Cornwall on this magical adventure. What I can say upfront is, that I can just recommend visiting this magical place and that I gained a lot of clarity and more trust in life through this journey.

Everything started when I listened to the audio books by Marion Zimmer Bradley about Avalon and I just suddenly knew “I need to go there!”. I couldn’t really explain why, but it felt right and important. So I searched for “Journey to Avalon” on the internet and found quite a few. Two of them caught my eye. One was a bigger company who offered journey to all kind of places around the world. The other was one single person taking small groups to England which suited me a bit better and so I decided to travel to Avalon with Martin Voltersen and his “Geomagischen Reisen” (geomagical journeys).

We met on a saturday evening in London and drove in a small bus to Glastonbury. The journey to Avalon with a beautiful sunset and a small crescent moon was already magical and I started to get excited for the upcoming week. When we arrived in Avalon it was dark. I stayed at a BnB with one of the other journey companions. I immediatly liked Sharon who ran the BnB “The Haydn House” (they unfortunatly are not running in anymore in 2020) and it smelled lovley in the house. Simone, my travel companion stayed in the lavender room. I stayed in the loft with a bathroom all to myself and when I settled in the double room I thought “faries are living here”. The whole house and the owner were just magical.

On the next day I woke up at 7 am and I saw the blue sky between the small gap of the courtains. Being in a great mood and happy for the weather to be so nice I opened the courtains I said out loud “Oh my god!”. I had a beautful view onto the Abbey grounds and the ruins and this sight with the soft light in the morning was super beautiful. I went into the bath, took a shower and went out to explore the still sleeping town in the morning on my own. The air was so fresh and felt amazing. There were flowers everywhere and it seemed like Glastonbury  High Street is a paradise for spiritual people. Beside the commercial aspect of this little town I could also feel that this place has its own magic. Something I’ve never felt like this before.

After breakfast our group met to walk to the Chalice Well Gardens. There is a red and a white spring and some of the citizens are getting the water straight from the spring. The garden is very feminine as you can already see with the first water feature at the bottom of the garden. After a little getting to know each other we went into the first meditation, which we did at many parts of the garden. One of the main aspects of Martins journeys is to sense and feel the energies in different places through short meditations. In one meditation I felt like something is being pulled out of my teeth into the earth and I knew this is about the silver fillings I have in my teeth. For quite a while I was thinking of replacing them, but for some reason never came around to do it. I take this as a sign to start this project when I am back in germany.

Since a couple of months I felt extremely drawn to water which is why the spring in this garden feels like a little paradise to me. I spent the last minutes in the garden in the sun at the little well and cleanse my rose quartz necklace with the triple goddess and the labradorit in the sacred waters.

The next stop are the two old oaks, Gog and Magog and they are obviosly very, very old. They are very impressive beings and we settle down again for a meditations. It feels like these trees were used for rites of passages.

On the way back we walk up the Tor for sunset but first we stopped on the side of the Tor for another little meditation in the very soft grass. I could have stayed there for the rest of the day but we are on a mission to be on the tor in time and there is still another stop before the top. The egg stone. When we arrived there was a women already meditating on it. The energy of the stone feels also very feminine and Im not suprised people come here to meditate. Also, for a strange reason this stone feels somehow soft.

Across the field we walk to the top. In my very romantic-dramatic imagination I was already a couple of times on the Tor and walked throuh the tower straight into the old Avalon or broke down crying as memories would flash in from past lfes. Did I tell you I am quite a romantic-dramatic person? Well, let me tell you nothing like this happened (spoiler alert: in fact something like this should happen a year later in the south of france). But this place was nevertheless extremly powerfull and at the same time a sublime peace settled into my being and I enjoyed the strong wind, after living in Hamburg, the north of Germany for 9 years I was quite used to strong wind. I would have loved to settled there with a sleeping bag in the soft grass, watching the stars at night (spoiler alert 2: done that once I moved there four years later). We stayed until sunset and walked down the regular path.

On the next morning the bus drove us to stonehenge. The whole thing was build the way that people can walk around the stones in a distance but not getting close to them. The weather was magical with a bit of rain which I loved as it was not only mystical but it satisfied my need for water that I already mentioned earlier. The first minutes we could walk on our own. Suddenly I stopped at a specific  position of the stones (which I do to this date) and was just starring at the stones and something that looked like an entrance. I heard women singing on repeat , the crows were flying around the place and I sensed a strong connection to that place. Since we were about to gather I went to the bench on which Martin sat and I could feel my eyes filling with tears. I tried to search for a feeling to understand what was going on, but I couldn’t find anything but confusion. And so I just cried till my emotions settled a bit.

What was interesting about the journey was that in our meditations the people in our group often saw similar things. At Stonehenge we all had the feeling that the big stones are some kind  of protection and that there was an energy of light flowing up in the middle of the stone circle. I also felt like there was a spiral, a vortex in the centre. Sometimes when I sense those things I question if I am just imaginating things but when others sense the same I always take it as a nice sign to just trust what I perceive. In the end, there is no right or wrong.

The next stop on that day was Avebury but before we arrive we stop at a field where just a few weeks ago a crop circle appeared. Unfortunatley the crop was already being taking down but where the crop circle appeared grass was growing while on the reast of the field there were only the cut crops. The crop circle was made of a circle and some fine lines around the circle. First I did not notice the fine circles around the big centre one as I was too busy picking up stones from the ground. Its very likley that with all the stones im collecting on my adventures Ill probably create my own version of Stonehenge one day.

Suddenly I had the feeling of walking through an invisible wall or energy field and it turned out to be exactly where the fine lines of the circle began. In the centre of the crop circle my heart started beating and I felt a pressure on my chest. I started to loosen the scarf around my neck but I didnt help. I wonder how intense the energies must have been in the new crop circle a few weeks ago. For some reason that energy felt a bit much at this point which is why I left the circle again.

Avebury. The largest stone circle in europe. Its so large, they build a village and a street through it. When we were driving through the stones, the two large ones next to a group of trees cought my eyes immediatly which is why I went relativly quick towards them, being a bit ahead of the group. I loved the big stone with the seat in it but also the group of trees is really nice with beautiful roots growing out of the ground. We gathered on the meadow in the stones, meditated and enjoyed the energies of this place and the sun. On the way back to Glastonbury we were blessed with an amazing sunset.

On the next morning we got up at 5 am to walk up the Tor for sunrise. Half of our group decided to sleep in while the other half met on the hill. The sunrise was magical. Everyone did their own little ritual or prayer. I felt so much gratitude for this upcoming day and said thank you to the sun for all that is coming my way today. The giving in life is often valued more than the receiving but both needs to stay in a balance and therefore receiving is as important as giving. I repeated inwardly “I am ready to receive love and to accept all the gifts and experiences of the day in gratitude.”.

Around 6:20 am we went all together down into town or lets say back to our BnB. Ive never felt so energised at this time of the day. Even if it is hard to get up that early I can just recommend doing this at least once and to start the day on the Tor.

Around 10 am we went to the Glastonbury Abbey. There are two energy lines crossing around the area of the altar. Walking towards it I felt like a priestess who is annoyed that patriarchy has taken over. The Abbey grounds are beautiful and there are many places to meditate or relaxe. For everyone who is into Avalon or the legend around King Arthur, apparently he is burried on the grounds.

In the afternoon we have time to walk around the shops or do what we feel like doing and everybody is using this opportunity to visit all the spiritual shops on the high street.

On the next morning we get ready to drive to Tintagel. As this was the last opportunity I got up the Tor again for sunrise with three other women of our group. This time you could see the mists of Avalon…

After breakfast I had a last walk through town and soaked up the energies of the heart chakra of the earth before we drove with the mini bus to the antlantic ocean, Cornwall and Tintagel.

To be continued….

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